Please feel free to comment and follow! Thank you.

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Writer (plays, essays, memoir, blogs), actor (theater, film, TV), teacher, HIV/AIDS educator, cat whisperer
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6 Responses to Please feel free to comment and follow! Thank you.

  1. Marcia D Miller says:

    Hi Bruce
    My name is Marcia D Miller. I believe you and your brother Robby, your Mom & Dad, their best friends, Belle and Manny Gilbert, their children, Steve & Laurie and myself, then Marcia Greenfield spent vacation summers in Dennis Port , Cape Cod when we were young. I have fond memories of those innocent beach days, swimming, playing, walking on the shore, playing guitars, talking with your Mom and
    your Dad taking pictures of it all.
    I’m trying to get a message to Robby. We sort of kept in touch, but it’s been years now.
    I wanted him to know that my dear cousin Steve is
    in hospice care now, in his apartment in Salem, Mass. He is the first of our generation to be leaving
    us too soon…
    I think David, his sister Laurie’s husband mentioned this to (Fred) to pass it on to you, but I don’t know if you ever told Robby.
    So if you are the little Bruce who played on the beach in those summers, please tell him.
    I didn’t know any other way to get in touch with him.
    I hope this is ok with you.
    Thank you so very much.


  2. Gilberto Gomez says:

    Cant get enough of your articles! So motivating. Your writing transports me back in time and I feel like im living these truths.❤️


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