“It’s A Sin”: Spotlight Review in A&U Magazine

My review in A&U Magazine of the phenomenally-popular U.K. Series, “It’s A Sin”, finally beginning to air in the U.S. tonight, on HBO Max.

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“For those of us who lived during that time, and survived, It’s a Sin may be emotionally triggering. But, because such care is taken in the creation of its characters, the ultimate effect will be, for some, cathartic. It was for me.” A&U’s Drama Editor Bruce Ward reviews “It’s A Sin.”

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Writer (plays, essays, memoir, blogs), actor (theater, film, TV), teacher, HIV/AIDS educator, cat whisperer
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5 Responses to “It’s A Sin”: Spotlight Review in A&U Magazine

  1. hanktrout says:


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  2. One of those rare reviews I felt I wanted to read.
    Great writing, Bruce.


  3. patriciarogers8757 says:

    great review Brucela…we plan to tune in



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