1986: Donna Summer Has Left the Building

Chapter XIII of my ongoing personal chronicle of the 1980s, “Years of Living Precariously”, in A&U Magazine.

“Eventually, the movie houses closed. The Anvil closed, the Saint closed, the baths closed, Fire Island virtually shut down, Provincetown was Province-Ghost-town, the Castro became deserted. Dancing stopped. Laughter was muted. Every person was a potential Bodysnatcher. Entire armies of men sheathed in rubber. There was no joy in Gomorrah. Donna Summer had left the building. Young gay men had nothing to do, so they joined gyms.”


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Writer (plays, essays, memoir, blogs), actor (theater, film, TV), teacher, HIV/AIDS educator, cat whisperer
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8 Responses to 1986: Donna Summer Has Left the Building

  1. Harry Breaux says:

    A walk down memory lane. I loved how you wove the connection from the devastating into the bloom of the gym craze. Loved it.



  2. Dann Dulin says:

    Bruce! I loved Donna Summer and I LOVED your story on her. Dann Dulin xx


    • bdwardbos says:

      Thank you, Dann! I often feel that I am screaming into an abyss of disinterest, dismissal, and downright derision, particularly from the younger generations of gay men. So any comments of support, such as yours, helps to propel me to continue the work. So – mucho gracias! 😎💕

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  3. patriciarogers8757 says:

    Bruce…I am a big admirer of folks like yourself who write of their personal experience, takes a lot of courage to be so revealing. I have benefited greatly from those who have been wiling to take the leap. This is so well, done, creative and clearly heartfelt about the devastation of the AIDS epidemic…Especially was struck by the paragraph about how the gay scene shut down in NY, etc. beautifully done..a “Bodysnatcher”…

    Thanks for sharing this. love, P


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  4. louisew27 says:

    Bruce, you write breathlessly. The reader has this build up of angst, anxiety and fear along with the sense of urgency you are describing. Well done and thank you.

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