Interview for AARP Magazine

Hey, folks. I was interviewed for this AARP Magazine article, for my perspective as a long-term survivor. Interesting and timely article, all-around. Take a look. 😎

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Writer (plays, essays, memoir, blogs), actor (theater, film, TV), teacher, HIV/AIDS educator, cat whisperer
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10 Responses to Interview for AARP Magazine

  1. Sue Mandell says:

    Excellent review!! And may I say I am so glad you are still here babe 🥰


  2. stevenward3 says:

    You are correct. This is an interesting and timely article. I also thought growing old would take longer.



  3. Thank for highlighting this interview, I might have missed it on AARP, consider myself too young for that publication, most days. Hah!


  4. bearfuz says:

    Oh, cool! Of course, two of us in my household get AARP Magazine (yup, redundancy abounds here), so I’ll be sure to look for the hard copy when it comes. Heh heh, I said “hard” and “comes,” heh heh.

    I won’t wait for the hard copy to read the article, though.

    Hard hugs!



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  5. Margie Candler says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I am a member of AARP and was happy to see they wrote about HIV. Also, thank you for sharing your journey. How heartbreaking to lose so many friends. Thank you for being so vulnerable and your willingness to share. May you continue to do well and have many years ahead of you ❤️

    Marge Candler


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