National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day

Today is National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day.
I acquired the virus in 1984:
1 year before the virus was isolated and named LAV/HTLV-III;
2 years before the ELISA antibody test became available;
3 years before I was officially diagnosed
4 years before I began taking the only FDA-approved treatment, the toxic AZT;
12 years before the pharmaceutical “cocktail” treatment (HAART) changed the face of the epidemic
I have had 2 lymphomas, with their accompanying chemos and infections, a heart attack, both hips replaced, 6 stents in my arteries, I have diabetes, high blood pressure, neuropathy, chronic fatigue, and dysthymia.
I have consumed approximately 100,000 anti-viral pills in my lifetime, and I continue to take 10 pills/day.

I was 26 in 1984. I will be 64 next month.
I will continue to advocate for longterm survivors, through my writing and public speaking, even (especially?) if it irritates you.
Because we are here. We have a LOT to contribute. And we will not be dismissed.
Here’s one thing you can do today: if you don’t know what U=U means, Google it. It’s important.
Thank you. 😎

1985 TIME Magazine article on ”AZT: A Ray of Hope in the Fight Against AIDS”
2021 Still Here

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Writer (plays, essays, memoir, blogs), actor (theater, film, TV), teacher, HIV/AIDS educator, cat whisperer
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7 Responses to National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day

  1. Bill says:

    Thanks for sharing this Bruce. You have experienced so much.


  2. parkermae58 says:

    Good job on the AARP article Bruce!


  3. parkermae58 says:

    Nice job on the AARP article Bruce!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. says:

    Bruse-Looking to be in New York in aplril or May next year-ould love to see you, if possible-I’ll even pop for ticket to a Broadway show! Glad you’re still here! Thank you, Bob Banks


    • bdwardbos says:

      Wonderful! Would be great to see you, Bob. Let’s touch base via phone, IM, or email. I know where to look for discount tickets. Would love to see a show with you. I’ll be out of town May 27-June 10.


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