My Ketamine Journey

For those who missed this the first time around, and for those interested in exploring treatments for themselves or others – my experience microdosing with psychedelics, in this case ketamine, to alleviate symptoms of chronic depression. Thanks for reading,

Bruce Ward

Last year, I embarked on a journey with ketamine microdosing, as a treatment for chronic fatigue, depression, and dysthymia, a type of chronic trauma. This is my story, for those who are interested in it, and for those who are interested in possibly exploring microdosing for themselves, or for loved ones struggling with depression or trauma, or looking to explore within themselves.

Written byBruce WardMedically reviewed byChelsea Tersavich, PA-CPublished onMay 21, 2021

Readers Note: This is an account from a recent client experience, written in the first person.

In 1988, four years after acquiring the virus we now know as HIV, I began to experience a continuous, unrelenting fatigue. This is what I have dubbed my “brain frog,” which has continued to persist to this day, for thirty-two years.

During those years, I have consulted with a multitude of medical professionals, and none have been able to ascertain whether…

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8 Responses to My Ketamine Journey

  1. mvillane says:


    div dir=”ltr”>Very interesting, and timely. I’m evaluating the whether ketamine treatment would be right for me with my psychiatrist


  2. cormierdenise says:

    Bruce!Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!Thanks for sharing this. I have been so interested in hearing about these new therapies. I am glad it was a positive experience for you. Happy Holidays,Denise

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  3. b says:

    Always love reading your blog/ post. So very interesting and you are such a talented writer. Another plus is that I always learn something from your experience!


  4. hanktrout says:

    This sounds very promising, Bruce. I’m glad for you!Hank

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone


  5. Harry says:

    Nice writing, Bruce. I’m so glad that you were able to try some things that hopefully will have long lasting effects for you. Great descriptions of the process and should be very helpful to others. Thanks for the piece.


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