World AIDS Day, 12/2022: “Spring”

Today is World AIDS Day. Please take some time today to reflect on whatever this day means to you

This is a song I wrote and performed a few years ago, at a beautiful World AIDS Day service at Judson Memorial Church in NYC.

(The church is echo-y, so the lyrics are in writing here:)

Thanks for listening. 💕


It was Spring when I met you by the harbor

When the sun was melting through the earth

And the gulls were fishing for their supper

And the moon announced its birth

And it was Fall when I told you that I loved you

With the shadows emerging from the light

And the leaves fell through the sky like soldiers

Giving up their fight

And it was Summer when you told me you were leaving

You had to try a fall and distant land

And we cried, though we knew it wasn’t over

And the last thing I touched was your hand

And it was Winter when I heard the news about you

You, who were too proud to let us know

They told me that your skin had turned ashen

But your eyes retained their glow

Now it’s Spring once again here in the city

I bring you flowers every week

And I stay there til the guards tell me they’re closing

And at night, I can hear you speak

And the weeks go by and it gets easier

I can laugh and see that harbor view

But through the years, there’s one thing certain:

I still remember you.

I still remember you.

About bdwardbos

Writer (plays, essays, memoir, blogs), actor (theater, film, TV), teacher, HIV/AIDS educator, cat whisperer
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4 Responses to World AIDS Day, 12/2022: “Spring”

  1. Harry says:

    That was very beautiful, Bruce. Thank you so much for sharing that on this very special day. Love the words, I love the music, loved hearing you sing it. Thanks again. 🌹


  2. dtrepla says:

    Very moving Lovely to hear


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