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Harm Reduction: An Alternative Approach to Managing Addiction, Talkspace Newsletter

“ Marco’s success story is remarkable, given his rapidly escalating drug addiction, many relapses, and descent into physical and emotional darkness.” Continue reading

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Today is World AIDS Day. Please take some time today to reflect on whatever this day means to you This is a song I wrote and performed a few years ago, at a beautiful World AIDS Day service at Judson … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Bruce Ward:
Last year, I embarked on a journey with ketamine microdosing, as a treatment for chronic fatigue, depression, and dysthymia, a type of chronic trauma. This is my story, for those who are interested in it,…

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“The Shot Heard Round the World.” 1985. Remembering Rock Hudson’s press conference with Doris Day. “Years of Living Precariously”: Part IX of my ongoing chronicle of the early years of the AIDS pandemic, in A&U Magazine

Originally posted on Bruce Ward: Did Rock Hudson understand his place in history? Both he and Doris Day undoubtedly knew the importance of their appearance together. But they did not know, we did not know, no one knew,…

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4 years ago, I had the opportunity to perform a story of mine in front of a live audience at Boston’s WGBH-TV studio, which was then aired on the World Channel, and online. I was one of 8 storytellers that … Continue reading

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(An abbreviated version of an essay I wrote two years before my father died, three days after his 89th birthday, on Sept 4, 2010.) Three hours after my mother’s funeral, my father began going through the closets.  I had driven … Continue reading

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On this very evening, 53 years ago, two men walked on the surface of the moon for the very first time.I was 11 years old, and a camper at Camp Mar-Ven in Wellfleet, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod. The significance of … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Bruce Ward:
This is the daily pill box that I fill every Sunday evening. This is the story of how it got that way. Part XIV of “Years of Living Precariously”, my ongoing column in A&U Magazine,…

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Tim MurphyCONTRIBUTING EDITORMay 19, 2022 I was interviewed by the fabulous writer, Tim Murphy, for this article on HIV and diabetes. Please take a look, if you’re so inclined. As usual, my take on the issue is slightly different from … Continue reading

Posted on by bdwardbos | 7 Comments PERSONAL STORIES FROM THE HIV COMMUNITYINTERVIEWS Charles SanchezCONTRIBUTING EDITOR Dec. 9, 2021 Bruce Ward is an author, actor, educator, and HIV advocate who has been chronicling HIV and AIDS since early in the epidemic. His creative work includes his … Continue reading

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